Dodge Dart One of the Coolest Cars of the Year

The excitement surrounding the impending release of the Dodge Dart is really building. There’s been plenty written about in regards of just what to love about it. There’s even more good news for those readers anxiously awaiting the ability to get behind the wheel of one. Not only is it a high quality ride, but it’s also going to be one of the coolest cars of the year. I’m not just making that statement out of thin air, I’m just repeating what Kelley Blue Book said.

The editors over at Kelley Blue Book have chosen the Dodge Dart as one of the “10 Coolest New Cars Under $18,000.” In order to be placed on the nomination list, the vehicles were judged on two things. The first, is a fun drive? Second, is it fun to own? Not a perfect system, even the editors agree, but one that works well to identify coolness in a car.

“The Dodge Dart’s enticing combination of style, performance, features, and value have earned it the top spot in our 2012 coolest cars list,” said Jack Nerad, the executive editorial director for Kelley Blue Book. “With exceptional interior space and loads of personalization potential, the all-new Dart will definitely make its presence felt in the ultra-competitive compact sedan segment.”

At this point it’s almost impossible not to caught up in the furor. The Dart is certainly going to be of the most exciting car releases of the year.  Now all that remains is to keep track of all the positive news and reviews that are starting to

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