Dodge Named One of “World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies”

Fast Company Most Innovative Companies

When naming the top innovative companies in the world, names like Google and Nike immediately jump to mind. According to Fast Company magazine, Dodge belongs among those prestigious names.

This week, Fast Company announced their list of the “World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies” which will be featured in their March 2014 issue. Their list included household names Dropbox, Netflix, and Twitter, and squeezed in between Yelp and SXSW is Dodge. Fast Company’s Jason Feifer praised Dodge’s marketing strategy in 2013, particularly their tie-ins with Anchorman 2 and Fast & Furious 6. Additionally, the Dodge brand was central in the Syfy channel’s series Defiance, and one of Dodge’s new ad campaigns featured popular rapper Pitbull.

Dodge’s presence in popular culture was hard to miss in 2013. Feifer hits the nail on the head when he writes, “When the eponymous character in FX’s Archer received a Dodge for his birthday, it was proof of cultural saturation: That wasn’t a paid spot. Dodge was just on the writer’s minds.”

Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer of Chrysler Group LLC, thanked Fast Company for the honor and praised the work done by the marketing teams with Chrysler LLC. “The campaigns and partnerships we create for each of our brands are as individual and different as the brands themselves,” he stated in a press release. “The Dodge initiatives Fast Company highlighted convey a mind-set that is purely Dodge.”

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Dodge and Defiance Team-Up to Defend Earth

48361760361734298564521After aliens have attacked the Earth and left the remaining humans to rebuild in a ruined husk of a planet, it’s good to know that the Dodge brand survives.

SyFy has teamed up with Dodge to help promote their new TV show Defiance that premiered this week.  The story is set in the distant future, 2046, in which humans are picking up the pieces after fighting a land war with an invading alien species.  It’s a very Mad Max-like setting and in order to survive in such a wasteland, the heroes need the best wheels.

That’s where Dodge comes in.  The auto maker has spruced up a Charger for the main hero to get behind the wheel of.  The look is perfect.  It’s covered with spots of rust and with various modifications indicating it’s seen some action and looks all the more badass for wearing the battle-scars so proudly.  This future Charger really gives off the right vibe for an awesome dystopian ride.

It’s not new for a car company to partner with a show for dual promotion.  What Defiance is doing differently than most TV though is how it engages its fan base.  A video game was released a week before the premiere.  In it, gamers are tasked with accomplishing various goals spread out over the entire landscape the show is set in.  What the developers of the show plan to do is take the best players and find ways of integrating them into the show.  They are asking the fans who play the game to influence the story of the show.  It’s really a new form of involvement that no other show has tried.

challengersfDodge is also included in the game.  It’s not rare for car companies to be approached for racing games, but for a massively online shooter, that’s not typically the case.  The Charger doesn’t make the digital jump, but a Challenger was given the apocalyptic make-over for players to drive in the game.

Companies have been trying to find ways of reaching the new generation since, well, forever.  One way approach would certainly to try targeting game players outside of the ones that play the hardcore racing titles.  At the very least, running over mutant aliens will feel all the more cooler by being behind the wheel of a Challenger.

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Dodge Charger Defies the Future of Television

defiance-dodge-charger-chicago-1360267772There’s a new show about to air on Syfy that’s looking to be a fusion of media.  It’s a TV show by the name of Defiance is about an alien war in a Mad Max-esque future.  What makes this stand-out amongst other post-apocalyptic shows, such as Fallen Skyes, is that it will be released along with a video game.  In the game, players will interact with scenarios from the show and may even have an impact on future episodes.  While people, like me, are waiting to see if this is a feasible idea, it certainly seems like they have won over Dodge as a fan.

At the Chicago Auto Show, Dodge showed off the perfect vehicle for the alien fighter.  A Dodge Charger supped up to handle a dystopian future in its performance while certainly looking the part.  If Mad Max is the look the show makers are looking to capture, then pop the champagne.  The custom Charger that Dodge has given over to them is a beauty of desolation.

Covered in grime and muck that show the future has lost the ability to produce competent car washes, the Dodge Charger in Defiance sure seems built to be punished.  Window bars, a huge grille guard right out in front to deal with nasty creatures, and big ol’ truck tires to top off the rugged future look.  The only thing missing from the car is someone in spike-covered leather with a Mohawk screaming while firing a gun in the air.

The show premieres April 15th at 9:00 PM EST.  You won’t be able to see this beast of a Charger in action until then, but at least you can stare at the pictures and imagine yourself running down aliens.

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Source: Defiance Dodge Charger, saving Earth from aliens isn’t clean work