Dodge Challenger Spotted With New Hellcat Engine?

Dodge-Challenger_SRT8_392_2011_800x600_wallpaper_04More fuel to add to the fire about the Hellcat engine due to a recent spy photo surfacing today.  The photographer was able to capture a possible Dodge Challenger SRT8 that looks to be using the experimental technology.

According to the rumor, Chrysler has been developing a new engine to give their muscle cars some extra oomph to compete with their rivals.  The engine, known as ‘Hellcat’ currently, is a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine.  That would provide for a power range of 560 horsepower to 640 horsepower.  The real topper of the rumor is that this will also have the new eight-speed transmission that Chrysler is putting into most of their upcoming vehicles.

The reason why this photo has people thinking it’s the Hellcat is because of a few choice visual clues.  The first is that the brakes are enlarged that would allow for increased stopping power.  The exhaust in the back are also different and bigger than what’s typically seen on a Challenger SRT8.  According to the person who took the photograph, he described the sound coming out of the car as being like “nothing short of thunder.”  Also noted is that the car is missing the driver’s side headlights.  This might show that the engineers are looking at new ways to help air intake and that it would be right where the headlights are.

Currently, Chrysler is keeping quiet on the Hellcat.  They’ve released no official information on what to expect.

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Sergio Marchionne’s Customer Dodge Challenger SRT up for Auction

2011_dodge_challenger-srt8_front_ns_31313_717Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler’s CEO, is putting up a one-of-a-kind Dodge up for auction.  His customized 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 will be available to bid upon at the Barrett-Jackson event April 4th through the 6th.

The Challenger is simply amazing.  It’s the kind of beast you’d expect from someone at the head of Chrysler.  Marchionne had it given a black paint job along with “Dark Charcoal” racing stripes.  Proving that it’s good to be the kind, those stripes were put on by the hands of the SRT studio and painters from the Chrysler Group’s Product Design Office.

According to Edmunds, the people putting this together for the CEO wanted the special Challenger to have “a sinister look from every angle, so the tailamps have been “smoked” and the iconic 392 Hemi fender badges have been re-created in gloss and satin black finishes.”

Chrysler will also be throwing in the latest crate engine from Mopar, the 540-horsepower Hemi V8, along with the car to the winner.  The custom Challenger also comes with a Mopar-adjustable coil-over suspension kit and exhaust system.  The wheels are 20-inch and finished in matte black.

To top it all off, Marchionne made sure to include his autograph on the car.  The proceeds from the auctioning off will be going to the United Way for Southeastern Michigan.

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