Dodge Losing Grand Caravan and Avenger


Change is in the air for Dodge. Chrysler announced that two Dodge mainstays will be getting dropped from the brand due to their direct competition with similar models. Dodge will be saying goodbye to the Grand Caravan and the Avenger. Chrysler believes they are competing too closely with the Town & Country and the 200 sedan.

The company’s reason is to move Chrysler to the forefront. They have chosen for the main brand to be the mainstream brand and want to focus the Dodge vehicle more on sport and high-performance vehicles. Because of this, SRT will be consolidated with Dodge and their powerful creations will sport the familiar Dodge halo.

Dodge is planning on giving their current vehicles a revamp to match the new image for Dodge. While the Charger and Challenger are already going to be getting one with their upcoming new versions, the Dart and the Journey will be getting a revamp further down the line.

While it is said to see some popular models go, it does make sense for Chrysler. For a long while now, they’ve been directly competing with themselves with minivans and sedans. If this allows them to focus on one superior product, both the company and the consumer will be the better for it. Still, sad to see them go.

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2013 Dodge Charger Offers New Sports Package!

b9c5d1440a0d02b7005902cacc3e7b61Weather in New York hasn’t been the best of late with a flurry of snow and ice storms.  No one likes to have to brave the roads in these conditions, but it usually can’t be helped.  When that’s the case, you’ll want to know that your car was built with being able to tackle the challenge slick roads present.  In the case of the 2013 Dodge Charger, you’re covered.

Dodge will be offering a new Sport package that gives the sedan all-wheel drive.  It will be available on all models with the exception of the SRT8.  The package will come with a gloss-black grille.  The tires are all-season performance for those icy patches and are 19-inch polished aluminum wheels.  The biggest treat for fans will be a first.  Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

As far as the engine is concerned, the Sports Package will come with a Pentastar V6 upgrade.  It will now have 300 horsepower thanks to the sport-tuned exhaust and cold-air induction system.  This has an impact on the fuel economy with 18 miles per gallon while driving through the streets of New York and 27 while on the highway.

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New Dodge Dart Aero Announced!

We’ve talked about the Dodge Dart quite a bit here. It might have something to deal with the fact that it’s one of the biggest new cars of the year. There may also be that it’s really starting to heat up on the sales charts, seeing as how it had a great sales increase from the previous month. The Dodge Dart is a hot ticket to talk about when it comes to car news. In order to keep the buzz hot on the new sedan, Dodge has already released details on a new version coming soon.

The Auto Channel has the details of the new Dodge Dart Aero that is planned on being released. The new car will have an advanced 1.4-litered MultiAir intercooled turbo engine. This comes on top of multiple aerodynamic enhancements such as a lightweight aluminum chassis components, an underbody aero kit, and low-rolling resistance tires. All these improvements allow the Dodge Dart Aero to boast about impressive gas economy with 41 miles per gallon on the highway.

Reid Bigland, the President CEO of Dodge summed up the details on the new Dart, “The all-new Dodge Dart is a groundbreaking vehicle, offering features and benefits never before offered in a compact car. The new Dart Aero builds on these attributes by combining a remarkable 41 mpg with interior room of a mid-size and class-leading technology, style and safety, for only $19,295.”

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Dodge Dart and What Lies Ahead

“All that matters is what’s ahead.”

The tag-line for the 2013 Dodge Dart perfectly sums up Dodge’s attitude towards what is arguably their most important vehicle of 2012, and in a splashy show of support, Dodge has installed a 116-foot-by-145-foot building wrap bearing the tag-line on their headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

The Dart won’t be available until late June, but Dodge has been getting it as much exposure as possible. As we previously reported, Dodge marketing has heavily targeted young people and positioned it to be the hot sedan of 2012. As June gets closer and the reviews keep rolling in, though, it is becoming clearer that this car is more important for Dodge than anyone could have imagined.

The Dodge Dart will be the first vehicle that Chrysler will have designed alongside Fiat SpA. People will take the launch of the Dodge Dart and how well it performs as an indicator of the future of Chrysler, and so far, all signs are pointing to a bright future. Business Insider is calling the Dart “a delightful surprise,” and Auto Guide named it “most attractive vehicle in its class.” By hanging that building wrap on the Dodge headquarters, Chrysler is making a statement. More than just standing behind the Dart, they trust it to be the face of the brand in 2012.

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