Is the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Overkill?

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

The Dodge Charger Hellcat has always been popular with car fans due to its extreme power.  That 707 horsepower was hard not to get excited about.  That makes it hard not to use extreme comparisons and words when used to describe the Charger Hellcat.  As a writer for MSN Autos put it, the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is “Nuclear overkill.”

It’s clear from his review of the Charger SRT Hellcat that writer Will Sabel Courtney is overwhelmed by it.  One of those is what to use to describe his time with the Charger.  In his own words “It’s hard to avoid nuclear terminology when trying to describe the 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi known as the Hellcat.”  In the end, the word that came out to describe the Charger Hellcat is “overkill.”

Is the Dodge Charger Hellcat too much power for its own good?  It may just be.  The problem with that idea is that I believe the appeal of the Charger Hellcat is the idea of overkill.  It’s a muscle car with as much power poured into it as possible.  That’s what the power of something like this wants.  It’s the fun and the thrill of the drive that is wanted.

Courtney does realize this.  He compares the fun of driving the Charger Hellcat to what it is that makes people wait in line for a ride at a Six Flags.

Check out the review of the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and see if you agree that the Hellcat engine is overkill.

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Fortune Takes the Challenger SRT Hellcat for a Nostalgic Spin

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Fortune Magazine - Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Fortune magazine took the new 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat out for a spin and came away with love and admiration not just for the car itself but for the concept of the American muscle car.

The newest model year of the Challenger is meant to invoke a sense of nostalgia for the golden age of the American muscle car; the 1970’s.  Many of the design choices are direct call backs to the Challengers of that era.  The SRT Hellcat is even more of a dedication to that era with its powerful engine.

As it is impossible to do when talking about the Challenger Hellcat, that engine is the first thing to talk about.  When the marketing is to show off in giant neon letters the 707 horsepower, how could that not be the main talking point?  “The Challenger is, in fat, the most potent American production car on the market…”  They continue to say that it only trails behind the Ferrari F12berlinetta in terms of power.  However, the Challenger costs a quarter-million less than the Ferrari, so there is that.

It is clear the writer is loving the Hellcat Challenger for that sense of nostalgia.  It is a call back to the time when the power of the muscle car was all that mattered.  “…the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is unapologetic and earnest with its comically over-endowed powerplay and old-school silhouette.”  The SRT Hellcat isn’t meant for the driver who needs a daily commuting car or a family ride, it is really for the driver who needs that burst of speed and power and to be reminded of days gone by.

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2014 Dodge Durango: Perfect Family SUV

Ron Burgundy has been doing his job getting people ready to embrace the Dodge Durango. Now it’s up to the critics to give their opinion on what they think of the new SUV. One such review comes courtesy of the Dupont Registry.

Their brief write-up details that there is a lot to like about the new Dodge Durango. The first impression was in how much more beefy the profile of the Durango looked with the new visual aesthetics added, such as the headlights been made narrower from last year’s models. The biggest surprise, however, came in the build. It’s a larger vehicle being a SUV after all, but as the reviewer noted upon getting into the driver’s seat, “it required much less of a hop than expected for an SUV of its stature.”

The interior gets high-marks as well for being classy and stylish while still remaining comfortable. The navigation and the popular UConnect system were very easy to use. For passengers, they get to enjoy the dual screen Blu-ray entertainment center.

But that’s all the look and feel aspects, what about the engine? The Dodge Durango isn’t going to be considered the type of vehicle one takes out to the racetrack. But a car-savy reviewer on the other hand is more than willing to test it out.

The Dodge Durango has a 5.7-liter V8 HEMI engine with an eight speed transmission. The reviewers time with the SUV was positive. The engine is strong and the and shifting gears is smooth. The braking is noted to be very strong, an important feature to have in a vehicle marketed to the more family oriented.

The final decision is that the Dodge Durango is the perfect car for the family unit who need a vehicle to take the kids to school, to get away for the weekend, or to take the boat out on the lake.

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Dodge Dart Car of the Year!

Time and time again, we’ve written that the Dodge Dart is going to be one of the biggest cars of the year. It’s satisfying to know that we’re not the only ones making that claim. The Chronicle Herald has posted up a review that makes a very large claim about just how good the Dodge Dart is. The reviewer is convinced that the Dart has car of the year written all over it.

He makes sure to mention all the features that stood out to him as being some of his favorites. The class that the Dart falls into is the compact class, but that doesn’t keep it from having a size-able interior. He remarks that the interior offers a comfortable, roomy, and quiet ride. The amount of space that it provides is much more comparable to a mid-sized and is on that “drivers and passengers will love spending time in.”

The powertrain gets a highlight as one that drivers will enjoy. The Dodge Dart has a high redline and the engine has a throaty roar when given the push. In time, the Dart will have plenty of choices for engines with examples ranging from the base of the S/E to the R/T. The Chronicle Herald also notes that the suspension is taut which makes any twists and turns an absolute riot to slalom through.

It’s clear by the end of the review just how much the writer loved his time with the Dart. “It has style, substance, space, and a price tag that won’t break the bank. This car is a winner.”

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Dodge Dart: Savior of Chrysler?

I’ve written plenty of articles about the 2013 Dodge Dart. It’s hard not to with it being the hype surrounding it. Ever since the first concepts first appeared, it’s a been a long trail of every kind of of preview to get people excited for the resurrection of one of Dodge’s most popular vehicles. From what I’ve been reading and seeing with the articles written about the release, that campaign really seems to be working.

A great example of this comes in an entry with the Wall Street Journal. The writer begins the piece showing not a lot of love for past entries of Dodge into the vehicle class that the Dart is filling. It isn’t long before he shows that the Dart is everything the past cars weren’t. It has a sleek and sexy styling and shape. “The red Dart Limited (a higher trim level) turned heads and started more conversations than any $19,995 car I have driven in the last several years.”

What follows in the article is his review of his time with the Dart. He describes the Dart as “engaging and quiet except for a gentle growl from the engine’s dual exhaust pipes…” The review continues on about how much he enjoys the power of the engine. Another feature of the vehicle that he praises ends up being the interior work. Calling out items such as the shift knob and door handles as having a nice feel to them.

The writer comes away from the Dodge Dart with wide praise for it. He makes it clear that he didn’t have high hopes, not being a fan of Chrysler’s previous attempts at the small car market. The quality of the Dart has seemingly swayed his thinking in that this car finally gets right what he didn’t like. His final words on the matter really echo why people should be wanting to get their hands on the car, “In 10 years we may be talking about how the Dart saved the company.”

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Dodge Dart: Hot New Sedan of the Year!

The Dodge Dart has been the car on everyone’s lips of late. Now that its finally starting to roll off of the assembly line, everyone is wondering if it was a good idea to resurrect the old name. There’s been so much hype poured into the new Dart that many are also wondering if it can live up to it. In about a month, the new sedan will start entering into the market and give it the chance to shine on its own. Luckily, the Chronicle Herald is hopping to boost up people’s expectations with a wonderful review. So much so, they believe that out of the 23 new cars in the category that the Dart will be the one people talk about.

Sitting down for a 2 hour test drive, the reviewer came away quite impressed. “I hadn’t driven a fairly basic version of the new Dart more than 100 metres before realizing this new car will be a player.” He continued to take note of the many innovations that the car is making including the body wider than its template, the Giulietta, to allow for a class leading interior space while still keeping the price down. Another feature he made sure to make note of was the gas efficiency of the Dart. One of the engine options, out of the three at release, has 60 miles per gallon.

It’s very clear from reading the article that the reviewer come out extremely impressed by what the Dart had to offer. It won on all counts from pricing, to exterior design, and even gas efficiency. It’s one to definitely keep driver’s eyes on. Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens when it finally hits the dealerships.

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