Dodge Charger


A reborn icon, the Dodge Charger is a performance sedan with the look of a muscle car.

It’s a a ride with striking features and is truly one of a kind on the road.  The best part of riding in a Dodge Charger isn’t just driving one of the best looking cars on the market, but you can do so at a great value.

It’s easy to see why the Charger is so loved.  It all starts when you first look at the body.  With an exterior design that showcases the iconic horizontal body side styling.  It shows a tapered silhouette that’s accented with muscular front to rear fenders.  It doesn’t end there, it also features the signature crosshair grille.  If the look isn’t enough for you, there are plenty of options to enhance the visual design.  You can purchase the Mopar rear spoiler that looks amazing on the Charger but is also vibration free and quite durable.  You can also get chrome mirror covers to add that extra shine or to really stand out, there’s the Mopar body stripe kit to spruce up the exterior.

The quality of the Charger isn’t just on the outside, but once you take a seat inside, you’ll see that quality is all encompassing.  With the ability to easily seat up to 5 people, everyone is going to be sitting comfortably in the leather seats made from quality stitching.  If that wasn’t enough. then you can get a premium sound group that includes 9 amplified speakers and an 8 inch sub woofer.  Still not enough?  The Charger even has heated and cooled cup holders.  You can’t beat that.  It ensures that everyone riding, including the driver are surrounded at all times in the sights and sounds of the highest quality.

For the powertrain, the Charger doesn’t skimp on value.  You get to choose from one of two engines.  There’s the 3.6 liter Pentastar that is available on the Charger SE, Rallye, and the Rallye Plus.  It has a horsepower of 292 at 6350 RPM.  With 5 speed automatic transmission, you’ll be getting 18 miles per gallon during that drive on the streets of Manhattan and 27 mpg once you get on the highway.  Also available is the 5.7 liter HEMI V8, a four cylinder engine with fuel saver technology.  Both engines are best in class for power and efficiency, making sure you don’t waste any gas mileage on any trip.

For your safety, the Charger comes complete with electronic stability control that makes it so your car stays on the road even during extreme conditions.  All this and a four wheel anti lock brake system and available all wheel drive keeps your car safe and sound during rain storms or snowstorms.  To give you even more peace of mind, the Charger has reactive head restraints to compliment the leather seating, but it also has front and read side curtain airbags as well as standard driver and front passenger airbags.

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