Dodge Demon Revealed in New Fate of the Furious Video?


Has the Dodge Demon accidentally been revealed?  For the last week, Dodge has been teasing muscle car lovers with the first look at the Dodge Demon which was supposed to be during the New York International Auto Show.  Thanks to some clever sleuthing, however, a first look at the Dodge Demon may have appeared right under everyone’s noses.

Motor Authority took a closer look at the latest trailer for the new movie in “The Fast and the Furious” franchise, “The Fate of the Furious.”  It’s no secret that Dodge and the movie series have a long and loving relationship as the drivers in the films, especially Vin Diesel’s character, have a love for Dodge and other FCA cars.  “The Fast and Furious” has always made Dodge look amazing on screen.  It should be no surprise that the filmmakers would be allowed to work with the latest and greatest from Dodge and that may mean that the Demon will be making an appearance in the film.

Motor Authority believes this to be true and they may have spotted the Demon in a new video that shows Diesel in a video he posted to his Facebook page that may have shown the Dodge Demon in the background.  Combine that with the timelines of the film’s release and the New York auto show both happening on April 12th, and it seems clear that the Demon won’t just be making it’s auto show debut, but also a film debut.

Can’t wait to see what crazy stunts the “Fast and Furious” people put together if the Dodge Demon manages to make it to the big screen.

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A Look at Furious 7’s 1970 Dodge Charger

Furious 7 Dodge Charger

Furious 7 is a massive success.  It is one of the few movies out there to celebrate the insane stunts still capable with real cars without the over-reliance on CG.  Dodge has always had a healthy relationship with the filmmakers due to how awesome they make their cars look.  While many of their new vehicles have been prominently featured through the years, many car lovers look to Dom’s classic muscle cars.  One that is featured in the Furious 7 film is his 1970 Dodge Charger.

The YouTube channel The AficionAuto had a chance to speak with Dennis McCarthy, the vehicle coordinator for the recent films.  He agrees with the idea that CG takes away from the final product, so that means that when the filmmakers can, they are using real cars to perform some of the outrageous action setpieces.

His favorite vehicle, it turns out, is the car driven by Vin Diesel’s character Dom, which previously mentioned 1970 Dodge Charger.  Consider what the movie does with it and how it looks, I can’t blame him for being so smitten with it.  Take a look at the whole video, it is really good watch into the process of making a Fast and Furious film.

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Dodge Hits 2 Million Likes on Facebook!

2M_cover_photo_851x315It appears that Dodge is quite popular on Facebook. So much so that it just made a rare number with how many people have liked it. Just yesterday, Dodge passed the 2 million likes.

The growth has been fairly rapid too. It’s been over only the past year that the Facebook page of Dodge has doubled. Nearly a million likes in just that time frame.

It’s hard not to see why people are flocking to the Dodge page to express their love for some of the best cars on the market. The Dodge Dart, for example, has really gotten fans and critics alike behind it. While the initial start of its sales may have been rocky, it’s clear that both the hype and word of mouth are starting to take effect with drivers.

Then there was a good boost from its marketing campaigns this year. Dodge jumped into games and TV this year with the popular new sci-fi TV show and game Defiance by providing an awesome post-apocalyptic Charger. Also, having your vehicle line-up so focused upon in one of the biggest movies of the year doesn’t hurt. Fans love Fast and the Furious, and Dodge has always had a great relationship with the filmmakers.

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