No Dodge Dart in 2017

2015 Dodge Dart - Dodgedealerny - 03

The Dodge Dart, sadly, struggled.  It was the first real release from a revitalized Chrysler company off of its bankruptcy and wanted to show it was really getting back into the car-making business.  It was a radical new design for a Dodge sedan and it certainly had its early fans.  The bad news for the Dart, however, is that it’ll be taking a break for 2017.

The Dart has been out since 2013 and has never been the big seller it deserved to be.  The biggest struggle it has had of late is the way Fiat-Chrysler is reorganizing the brands after the recent sales.  It’s clear that the biggest business for the company is in the Jeep and Ram markets.  The sedans, both the 200 and Dart, haven’t been succeeding on the same level.  For that reason, Chrysler is putting the Dart away for the time being to focus efforts elsewhere.

While the Dart is a great vehicle, it makes sense why FCA would do this.  The brands are having their belts tightened to focus on what they are best at.  Dodge is aiming to be more of the performance branch of the company.  The recent onslaught of the Challenger and Charger demonstrate that.  The Dart didn’t have that and openly competed with the other major sedans in the line-ups such as the 200.  So Chrysler taking the two of them away to focus on, say, the 300 is not a bad idea at all.

Still, it’ll be sad to lose the Dart.  It was the showing of a new generation and new mind-set.  Hopefully it’ll be back in some way and get the love it always deserved.

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Dodge Continues Ad Campaign With Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo

Chrysler has never had a hard time getting actors and singers to help promote their products.  From Eminem to Bob Dylan to Clint Eastwood.  Now a popular character actor gets to join that ranks; the one and only Danny Trejo.

It is all part of the popular “It’ll Test You” Hispanic marketing campaign.  It’s also a part of Dodge’s new partnership with A Walk on Water, a nonprofit organization that shares the therapeutic powers of the ocean.  A few weeks ago, at an event on Sept 17th, Dodge gave AWOW a check for $20,000 and announced a special program for even more donations to the organization.

For dealerships participating in Southern California, whenever someone takes a test drive, Dodge donates $50.  The customer who took the test drive will also receive two free tickets to the Supersonico Latin music festival on October 3rd.

As for Danny Trejo fits into all this, he’ll be a part of a Hispanic advertising campaign for the 2015 Dodge Charger, Challenger, and Dart.  The campaign will be made up of three different spots.  The spots came out in June and showcase the actor doing what he does best.

“We always knew that Danny Trejo’s tough persona, strong character and perfect mix of both muscle and fun made him the ideal spokesperson for Dodge’s ‘It’ll Test You’ campaign, as he epitomizes the irreverence and dare-to-be-different attitude of the Dodge brand,” said Juan Torres, head of multicultural advertising, FCA US LLC. “We learned about the other side of Danny when we met him – his philanthropic work and his passion for A Walk on Water – which made it easy for Dodge and our dealers to support Danny in his efforts to generate awareness and funds for this wonderful organization.”

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Dodge Releases New Dodge Brothers Ads Directed by Adrien Brody

Dodge Brothers Adrien Brody - DodgeDealerNY - Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Dodge is continuing their ad campaign around celebrating the Dodge Brothers as part of the 100th anniversary of the Dodge brand.  For this second part of the campaign that began in 2014, Dodge has brought on an Academy Award-winning actor to direct the spots.  That actor is Adrien Brody.

The first portion of the campaign focused mainly on the Challenger, showing the progression of the Dodge brand leading up to the modern age.  For this new round of ads Dodge is adding more Dodge vehicles.  The ones now being including are the Dart, Durango, Charger, and the Challenger Scat Packs.

In a statement, Fiat-Chrysler Chief Marketing Officer Olivier Francois said, “Today’s Dodge vehicle have the same passion for performance as John and Horace Dodge established in the first vehicles they crafted more than one hundred years ago.”

The first two spots are “Discovery” and “Drive By” where a modern Durango rolls up on a country club.  The next videos will be “Morse Code” and “First Dodge.”  View them here:

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