Dodge Dart Getting a Hatchback?

2013-dart-straightroad-1What’s next for the Dodge Dart?

Autoblog thinks that a hatch-back version may be coming in the near-future. Their reasoning behind this is that Fiat sells a version of the Dart known as the Viaggio. It will be getting a hatchback version soon and it makes sense for the Dart to get one here as well back in the States.

The Viaago hatchback has been confirmed by the general manager of China Guangzhou-Fiat John Burton. It will likely be unveiled towards the end of this year. Since it’s not a definite as of yet, it’s not known if the Dart will use the same body style or something similar.

The official stance of Dodge at the moment is that there are “no plans at this time.”

A Dart hatchback would be a welcomed addition to the line-up. It would seemingly take the place of the Caliber. Be interested to see if this is going to be the case.

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Dodge Dart Hot Off The Assembly Line!

It’s a good time to be working at the Belvidere Assembly Plant in Illinois. Workers are feeling festive as there is definitely reason to be celebrating. The reason why is because just a few days ago, the first Dodge Dart rolled off the assembly line.

Dodge describes a feeling a pride being felt among the workers. A real watershed day for all of them. They finally get a chance to get what is expected to be a winner for Dodge out the doors and into showrooms. The plant manager, Kurt Kavajecz, was excited to talk about the occasion. “This is huge for everybody here at Belvidere. Seeing that Dart roll off the line was quite a thrill for me and the men and women who built it.”

The Dodge Dart is expected to be in dealerships across the country by late June. It’s highly anticipated and has already been awarded numerous awards prior to the roll-out. The Dart was included on the Ward’s 10 Best Interiors and the Most Significant Vehicle at the North American International Auto Show by the editors of Autoweek. In the last week alone, the Texas Auto Writers Association named the vehicle the Best Value, Best New Feature, and Compact Car of Texas.

Reid Bigland, the President and CEO of Dodge Brand, continued the praise for the Dart, “The launch of the 2013 Dodge Dart is one of the most anticipated in our history and represents a tremendous source of pride for the Brand and the Company. The all new Dart offers consumers features and benefits never before found in a compact car. Autoblog made sure to provide coverage of the roll-out of the Dart and has even got a video of it.

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