Dodge Shows Dodge Demon Allocation Plan

The Dodge Demon is getting ready to hit dealership sales floors.  With the Hellcats being a warning of what can happen when Dodge is unprepared, they’ve put out the gameplan for delivery of the Dodge Demon.

“We learned a lot when we launched the wildly popular SRT Hellcats,” said Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Car Brands at FCA.  “We’ve taken that information and created an allocation plan that is clear and concise, builds on Demon’s position as the Dodge/SRT halo and makes it easy for our customers to understand how they can put a Demon into their garage and, ultimately, out on the drag strip.”

Here’s the allocation plan Dodge has planned.  For a dealership to get a Demon, they must have sold more than one SRT Hellcat in the last 12 months.  It will be based on 60 percent SRT Hellcat and 40 percent Charger and Challenger sales performance at the dealership.  On top of those rules, Demons sold at or below MSRP will receive priority scheduling and have lower serial numbers as a result.  Demons sold for a price over MSRP will be produced after priority production is completed.

The Dodge Demon starts at a US MSRP of $84,995 (including $1,700 gas guzzler, excluding $1,095 destination, and the Demon crate unleash price for full power is only $1.