Dodge Dart Begins New Skate Deck Contest

The hype machine for the Dodge Dart is really starting to pick up steam as we inch closer and closer to the biggest car release of the year. Dodge is doing what they can to keep the fires stoked and one way of doing that seems to be to team up with a popular skate boarding magazine to see what some outside the box thinking can do.

Dodge and Transworld Skateboarding have come together and asked for people to design a Dodge Dart inspired theme for a skate deck. There are no real limits, whatever you can imagine and get on a deck, then you’re invited to share it with the world.

The winner of the contest has many things to look forward to. There’s a trip for four to the Transworld Skateboarding skate park in Carlsbad, California. Once there, you get to have a meet-and-greet with the editors of the magazine and two hours of skating with the local pros. You will also get the design you won with silk-screened onto a limited edition skate deck.

For more information on the contest and how to enter, follow this link. For more information on the Dodge Dart, follow this link to the Bayside website where you can see all the details on the upcoming and hot new vehicle. To stay current with all the Dodge news, including Dodge Dart news, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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