Dodge Charger Pursuit: Future Super Car of Law Enforcement

2013-Dodge-Charger-Pursuit-Police-Package-626x382At the CES show in Las Vegas going on as we speak, Dodge unveiled the next generation of law enforcement vehicles for the LAPD.  Featuring a host of new features and technologies, The Dodge Charger Pursuit is the next generation of law enforcement vehicles.

Dan Costa at PC Mag got to take a tour of the Dodge Charger at the tech show.  He made note of many of the new tech features that will be used.  One such one was a multiple camera system along with one that will photograph a license plate that is in the car’s view.  It’ll run a check in the database and see if the car’s been stolen or if it’s wanted for a crime.  It even has an infrared camera that will let the cop see if there’s a warm engine in a parking lot or if someone is hiding behind a bush.

Safety was a major concern for the new vehicle.  One way to help the officers during a gun fight is by reinforcing the doors with Kevlar.  Another is the removal of the laptop platforms that have been a hazard to officers involved in a car crash for some time now.  To solve this issue, Chrysler is using their now standard U-Connect system.  The 8.4 inch screen size is too small, however, so they upped the screen to 12.1 inches.

A solar panel is now installed in the roof to keep the battery charged.  This will help the police be out on the road more and less likely to be stuck in the motor pool with a dead battery.

All in all, Chrysler is working with the LAPD to make sure that they have the best means to aid their officers on the job.  Most of the upgrades and improvements seem extremely practical.  As Sgt Dan Gomez, the officer giving the grand tour says of the Dodge Charger Pursuit, “I have no doubt this is the most technologically advanced law enforcement vehicle in the US.”

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