Dodge Challenger

Are you a fan of the early muscle cars? Well, in that case, the Dodge Challenger is the perfect blend of a retro exterior and modern power for you.

With a sleek and sexy look, the Challenger is certainly ready to turns heads and grab anyone’s attention.  It’s the kind of car that the moment you see it, you just have to give it a spin for yourself.

The design of the Challenger is all about making sure you feel like you’re driving in style.  Everything from the dual round headlamps to the bright tipped dual exhaust just add to the flair.  To add to the incredible look, you can add on features to really set your Challenger apart in the crowd.  For example, there is the T/A hood that is a call back to the 1970 Challenger’s.  This hood scoop funnels air into the engine compartment to lower the temperature underneath the hood.  If that isn’t enough, then you can go for the rear wing spoiler that is not only made with strength in mind but is also designed to add down-force.  You can even add a custom stripe to the hood.

All that sleek style goes beyond the skin of the Challenger.  Inside, the car makes sure that when you’re driving, you’re still being treated to the best quality.  This is apparent in the new three spoke steering wheel that includes audio controls.  For your seats, you will find that the Challenger gives you an all new performance bucket seats that are offered in leather trimmed.  You can even get the seats heated to help deal with a cold winter’s morning drive to the office.

The engines available for the Challenger come in three forms.  The first one up is the 392 c SRT Hemi V8 which cranks out 470 horsepower and 470 pds-ft of torque.  Then there’s the 5.7 liter Hemi engine which has 375 hp and 410 lb of torque.   It also has fuel saver technology which gives greater efficiency.  The last available engine is the 3.6 liter V6 Engine which has been retooled to provide a 20 percent increase in horsepower for 305 hp and 268 lb-ft of torque.  With available five speed automatic and six speed manual transmission, quality is how the Challenger works with regards to options.

That quality doesn’t come with a sacrifice for safety, however.  The Challenger makes sure to do everything it can to keep you safe.  With systems in place such as an electronic stability program that helps keep control in an extreme steering situation, and anti-lock brakes, this vehicle is designed to help you outright avoid the worse from happening.  Should that come to pass, however, then you’ll find yourself cared for.  The body of the car is designed with a strong focus on passenger and driver safety.  There’s also standard front and side airbags and the seats are equipped with active head restraints.

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