Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Roars Like a Beast


Half the joy in a super car is seeing the speeds it is fully capable of.  The other half is just listening to the beast roar when the engine is revved.

Dodge is giving the muscle car a kick in the ass with their newly, and long awaited, Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.  The engine is said to be powerful, however, Dodge hasn’t been able to give out the full specs as of yet.  They need more time to make this engine the most powerful they’ve produced.

In the meantime, Auto Evolution was able to get videos of seeing 3 Challengers in action.  Taken out on Mount Evans in Colorado, one of the 3 Challengers happened to be a Hellcat.  The engineers in charge of the Challengers let the recorders see, and hear, the Challengers rev up.

It is a fantastic comparison to be heard.  The SRT Hellcat just has this bite to it.  It certainly is a crowd pleaser.  Click the link to head on over to the article to see the videos and the Challengers in action.

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