A Look Inside the Dodge Dart’s Interior

It’s an obvious statement: the first thing that catches your eye when you see a car drive by is the exterior. That’s just how it applies to onlookers, though, to the owner, the full experience of a car from the driver’s point of view is different. The majority of the time, he’s gets to see inside the machine. That’s why the designers behind the hot new 2013 Dodge Dart made sure that the inside was given just as much focus as the outside.

Chrysler has comments from the Head of Interior Design, Klaus Busse where he describes the work that went into making the Dodge Dart stand out when someone steps inside. Klaus himself has been with the company since 2005 and brings with him plenty of experience in regards to past vehicles and plenty of new ideas to pave the way for more to come. For the Dodge Dart, he had four key objectives in the interior design.

The first is the Fit and Finish or Craftsmanship. To do this, the team made sure to use high-quality, soft-touch materials. There was a low tolerance for gaps in the seams and wherever components fit together.

Next is Maintaining Key Strengths. He wanted to avoid the past with the Dart. The vehicle has no boxiness to the interior, there are no straight lines. He states that the new look is inviting to get occupants to touch them.

The third key objective is to Be Adventurous with Colors. Past designs where monochromatic. This wasn’t going to be the case with the Dart as the color grey was banned completely from being used. It caused the team to have to be more creative and in turn be more adventurous with their use and combination of colors.

The last objective is Technology. Much of the tech inside of the Dart is similar to what you’d see in luxury cars. From the 8.4-inch touchscreen to the 7-inch thin film transistor LED instrument cluster, every bit of tech was meant to be top of the line inside of a sedan.

The Dodge Dart has been the focus of making sure that it is the best looking and feeling car to come out in a long long time. A lot of care has been done to make everything the best that drivers can get without having to charge an arm and a leg to drive it. There’s a reason everyone is talking about it lately.

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