2016 Dodge Challenger

2015 Dodge Challenger - DodgeDealerNY - 01

The Dodge Challenger is the iconic muscle car.  The 2016 model year is a tribute to the golden era that came before.  With many of the body shape and the enhancements constructed to give a nostalgic air, the rest of the work on the Challenger has been to push its power to the limit.  With the Challenger SRT Hellcat, this muscle car does just that.  Other features included in the 2016 model year is the return of the “Shaker” pack.  This replaces the hood with a cut out for the cold air intake mounted on the top of the engine.  When you step on the pedal, it shakes the roof and the car, really driving home the sense of power that the Challenger packs under the hood.

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