The Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Provides a Cheaper Alternative to the SRT Hellcat

Dodge Challenger Scat Pack - Dodge Dealer NY

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is an mighty enticing offer. A powerful muscle car that allows for 707 horsepower, who wouldn’t want to drive home in that. Of course, that doesn’t mean that every person who dreams about racing down a road in the Hellcat can. People may not know this, but cars can be expensive. So what is a muscle car road warrior to do? What other options do they have if they want a powerful Challenger? Motor Authority may have found an answer.

The answer comes in the form of the Dodge Challenger Scat Pack. The rebirth of the 1968 trim package gives the modern driver the opportunity to find a cheaper alternative to the most powerful muscle car on the market.

Motor Authority created a package showing off the features of the Challenger’s new Scat Pack. The way they see it, and even title the video as such, is that this is the half-priced Hellcat. The Challenger SRT Hellcat has 707 horsepower in it and the Scat Pack trim package has 485 horsepower 6.4-liter HEMI V-8. It’s not quite the same, but Motor Authority certainly makes a compelling case.

Check it out here:

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