Dodge Dart Getting a Hatchback?

2013-dart-straightroad-1What’s next for the Dodge Dart?

Autoblog thinks that a hatch-back version may be coming in the near-future. Their reasoning behind this is that Fiat sells a version of the Dart known as the Viaggio. It will be getting a hatchback version soon and it makes sense for the Dart to get one here as well back in the States.

The Viaago hatchback has been confirmed by the general manager of China Guangzhou-Fiat John Burton. It will likely be unveiled towards the end of this year. Since it’s not a definite as of yet, it’s not known if the Dart will use the same body style or something similar.

The official stance of Dodge at the moment is that there are “no plans at this time.”

A Dart hatchback would be a welcomed addition to the line-up. It would seemingly take the place of the Caliber. Be interested to see if this is going to be the case.

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Dodge and Defiance Team-Up to Defend Earth

48361760361734298564521After aliens have attacked the Earth and left the remaining humans to rebuild in a ruined husk of a planet, it’s good to know that the Dodge brand survives.

SyFy has teamed up with Dodge to help promote their new TV show Defiance that premiered this week.  The story is set in the distant future, 2046, in which humans are picking up the pieces after fighting a land war with an invading alien species.  It’s a very Mad Max-like setting and in order to survive in such a wasteland, the heroes need the best wheels.

That’s where Dodge comes in.  The auto maker has spruced up a Charger for the main hero to get behind the wheel of.  The look is perfect.  It’s covered with spots of rust and with various modifications indicating it’s seen some action and looks all the more badass for wearing the battle-scars so proudly.  This future Charger really gives off the right vibe for an awesome dystopian ride.

It’s not new for a car company to partner with a show for dual promotion.  What Defiance is doing differently than most TV though is how it engages its fan base.  A video game was released a week before the premiere.  In it, gamers are tasked with accomplishing various goals spread out over the entire landscape the show is set in.  What the developers of the show plan to do is take the best players and find ways of integrating them into the show.  They are asking the fans who play the game to influence the story of the show.  It’s really a new form of involvement that no other show has tried.

challengersfDodge is also included in the game.  It’s not rare for car companies to be approached for racing games, but for a massively online shooter, that’s not typically the case.  The Charger doesn’t make the digital jump, but a Challenger was given the apocalyptic make-over for players to drive in the game.

Companies have been trying to find ways of reaching the new generation since, well, forever.  One way approach would certainly to try targeting game players outside of the ones that play the hardcore racing titles.  At the very least, running over mutant aliens will feel all the more cooler by being behind the wheel of a Challenger.

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2014 Dodge Durango Revealed at New York Auto Show

2014_dodge_durango_actf34_ns_326133_717The 2014 Dodge Durango got its full unveiling at the New York Auto Show.  It was speculated early what the technology it would have, time to find out if it was accurate.

It was a safe bet to make at the time that the Durango would have the Uconnect system.  Good thing too because it does indeed include the tech.  That, as well as a 9-inch dual Blu-ray and DVD player, gives any passengers a good distraction during lengthy rides.

Of course, it takes more than just an obvious inclusion of popular technology and a DVD player to really awe drivers with a new model.  What else is new in the 2014 Dodge Durango?  One is also the one that Dodge is gleaming about when discussing the new SUV.  That would be a rotary shifter for the all-new standard eight-speed transmission.  This helps with fuel economy, boosting it by 9 percent.  The shifter handle will be replaced with a rotary knob and paddle controls, giving drivers the ability to shift manually.

The only image of the Durango prior to the show was a look at the tail light.  Now the full exterior has been revealed.  The signature Dodge crosshair grille is still there, despite the new look. There are also hosts of other changes which Reid Bigland, the CEO of Dodge brand, breaks down in this video:

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