Man Wins One of a Kind 2013 Dodge Dart

The 2013 Dodge Dart is high on the list of must-have cars for this year. Everyone would like to a chance to call one their own, but there is one individual out there that gets to claim that his Dart is one-of-a-kind.

At the iHeartRadio Music Festival 2012 being held in Las Vegas, Dodge teamed up with Clear Channel Media to give away a specially made 2013 Dart. This particular car was lent some style and personality by recording artist Pitbull. Known for a sleek style on the red carpet, he lent plenty of inspiration to the a team of designers with Dodge. The end result is a sleek Dart that has a high contrast matte white exterior and black roof along with customer liquid graphite 18-inch aluminum wheels. Anyone that took a test drive during the “Road to Las Vegas” tour or at a dealership got themselves entered into the contest.

The finalists, twelve of them to be exact, where then taken to the IheartRadio Music Festival as VIPs. They were treated liked royalty at the two-day concert event and even got themselves a backstage meet-and-greet with Pitbull himself. The moment of truth for the contestants came when they all received keys. One of the keys would unlock the car and declare them the winner. In the end, the man driving home in the customer Dart was Jack Walters of Penfield, New York.

The Dodge Dart is the hottest car coming out this year and there’s got to be no better pleasure in life than driving down the road in a car that you know has no equal. Stop by Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge today for a test drive. Go online to view our new and pre-owned inventory. Just be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter while you’re at it for more information on Dodge products and deals.

A Look Inside the Dodge Dart’s Interior

It’s an obvious statement: the first thing that catches your eye when you see a car drive by is the exterior. That’s just how it applies to onlookers, though, to the owner, the full experience of a car from the driver’s point of view is different. The majority of the time, he’s gets to see inside the machine. That’s why the designers behind the hot new 2013 Dodge Dart made sure that the inside was given just as much focus as the outside.

Chrysler has comments from the Head of Interior Design, Klaus Busse where he describes the work that went into making the Dodge Dart stand out when someone steps inside. Klaus himself has been with the company since 2005 and brings with him plenty of experience in regards to past vehicles and plenty of new ideas to pave the way for more to come. For the Dodge Dart, he had four key objectives in the interior design.

The first is the Fit and Finish or Craftsmanship. To do this, the team made sure to use high-quality, soft-touch materials. There was a low tolerance for gaps in the seams and wherever components fit together.

Next is Maintaining Key Strengths. He wanted to avoid the past with the Dart. The vehicle has no boxiness to the interior, there are no straight lines. He states that the new look is inviting to get occupants to touch them.

The third key objective is to Be Adventurous with Colors. Past designs where monochromatic. This wasn’t going to be the case with the Dart as the color grey was banned completely from being used. It caused the team to have to be more creative and in turn be more adventurous with their use and combination of colors.

The last objective is Technology. Much of the tech inside of the Dart is similar to what you’d see in luxury cars. From the 8.4-inch touchscreen to the 7-inch thin film transistor LED instrument cluster, every bit of tech was meant to be top of the line inside of a sedan.

The Dodge Dart has been the focus of making sure that it is the best looking and feeling car to come out in a long long time. A lot of care has been done to make everything the best that drivers can get without having to charge an arm and a leg to drive it. There’s a reason everyone is talking about it lately.

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Dodge Helps a Paralyzed Teen Find Transport

Dodge had a fantastic surprise for a family struggling with difficult times.

Alberto Cruz is a 15-year-old from Willmantic, Conn and was the victim of an unfortunate accident. Due to a freak surfing accident that occurred at Narragansett Beach in Rhode Island, he is paralyzed from the shoulders down.

A major issue that the Cruz family encountered was that their car was unable to accommodate the specialized wheelchair that Alberto required. That meant that the only way he could travel to school was in a box truck with his wheelchair tied to the floor with ropes while a family member held on tightly to keep the chair from moving.

Here’s the good news of the story. Alberto stayed strong with what happened to him and didn’t give up on his schooling when forced into exhausting therapy sessions. His teacher, Lynn Fraizer, recognized the strength he was showing and nominated him as a “Local Hero.” The community voted for him in droves and helped him become one of three national winners of a “Local Heroes” contest that was looking to reward three people with new wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Chrysler Group presented Alberto with a brand new 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan specially designed to support his wheelchair. The event had him surrounded by his family, friends, teachers, and even the cheerleader squad came out to help celebrate. Alberto was able to easily get into the Grand Caravan with the use of the a rear ramp that was made by Braunability and Ride-Away.

With the ability to finally be able to provide Alberto transportation to anywhere along with themselves, the family made their first stop following the festivities. Where did they go? To a Chinese buffet, Alberto’s favorite restaurant.

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New Dodge Dart Ad Shows How To Build the Future

The Dodge Dart is off to a good start this month. The reports coming from the sales for last month showed that the sales almost quadrupled from July’s. The Dart is posied to take the country by storm and in order to do so, it’s needs to make sure more people are aware of it coming out. In order to do that, Dodge made sure it had its voice heard loud and clear during the broadcast of the one of the biggest TV events of the year.

Direct Marketing News is reporting on the Dodge Dart ad that played during the Giants-Cowboys NFL season debut. The advertisers hope that this will help generate an increase of buzz for the vehicle which will then continue on with a strong digital presences. They are hoping to recreate the magic they had back in July when the Dart was given a TV spot during the MLB All-Star Game. That spot drove people to the Dodge site by an increase of 30%.

The TV ad will be titled “How to Make the Most Hi-Tech Car” and in it, Dodge engineers construct a time machine to get a hold of another engineer in the year 3,000. They want him to design Dart’s touchscreen dashboard display.  It’s doing a great job of continuing the fast pace and uniqueness of the previous ad.  See for yourself:

The advertising team for the Dart have been doing a fantastic job so far getting the word out. From contests with deviantART to Transworld skateboarding, they have been making sure that the new generation getting ready to purchase a car have Dart on the mind when they step into the dealership.

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