Dodge Tops 2012 APEAL Study

J.D Power and Associates just gave Dodge a good reason to be smiling for the rest of the week. The recent release of their Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout (APEAL) Study ranked two Dodge models as the highest in their segments.

The Auto Channel shows that in the report, Dodge had the most significant gains. To be more exact, Dodge was the most improved over all of the other auto-makers, a 21 point increase from the previous year. Ram also had a sizable increase of 19 points. The Dodge Charger was given the highest ranking in the “Large Car” segment. The Dodge Challenger the best “Midsize Sporty” segment. This is now the second year in a row that both of these vehicles have ranked the highest in their classes.

What the APEAL study does is take a look at how gratifying a new car is to own and drive. The break-down is is on more than 80 vehicle attributes. The APEAL study is about the first 90 days of ownership and looking at the likes and dislikes the consumer has in regards to things such as vehicle design, content, and performance.

Doug Betts, Senior Vice President of Chrysler Group clearly enjoyed the news of the study, “This year’s study results are a clear indication that Chrysler Groups’ focus on quality, design, and performance is being recognized and appreciated by customers. We listen to our customers and continually implement changes to our vehicles to meet, and exceed, their needs.”

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Dodge Dart: Savior of Chrysler?

I’ve written plenty of articles about the 2013 Dodge Dart. It’s hard not to with it being the hype surrounding it. Ever since the first concepts first appeared, it’s a been a long trail of every kind of of preview to get people excited for the resurrection of one of Dodge’s most popular vehicles. From what I’ve been reading and seeing with the articles written about the release, that campaign really seems to be working.

A great example of this comes in an entry with the Wall Street Journal. The writer begins the piece showing not a lot of love for past entries of Dodge into the vehicle class that the Dart is filling. It isn’t long before he shows that the Dart is everything the past cars weren’t. It has a sleek and sexy styling and shape. “The red Dart Limited (a higher trim level) turned heads and started more conversations than any $19,995 car I have driven in the last several years.”

What follows in the article is his review of his time with the Dart. He describes the Dart as “engaging and quiet except for a gentle growl from the engine’s dual exhaust pipes…” The review continues on about how much he enjoys the power of the engine. Another feature of the vehicle that he praises ends up being the interior work. Calling out items such as the shift knob and door handles as having a nice feel to them.

The writer comes away from the Dodge Dart with wide praise for it. He makes it clear that he didn’t have high hopes, not being a fan of Chrysler’s previous attempts at the small car market. The quality of the Dart has seemingly swayed his thinking in that this car finally gets right what he didn’t like. His final words on the matter really echo why people should be wanting to get their hands on the car, “In 10 years we may be talking about how the Dart saved the company.”

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Dodge Readys New Commercial for the Dodge Dart

Chrysler has had plenty of success of late with their commercials. The “Import from Detroit” was a hit when it had Eminem in it and made an even bigger splash with Clint Eastwood’s gravely voice during the Super Bowl. Just recently, Chrysler changed up the event a tad to advertise for one of the biggest movies of the year in the form of “Imported from Gotham.” The next commercial being planned is now to get people’s attention focused on the brand new Dodge Dart.

The Detriot Free Press has an article where they interview the man in charge of putting together the new 90-second commercial planned to air during the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. The hope is to get the public very excited about Dodge’s first small car in almost seven years. Olivier Francois is the Chrysler Chief Marketing Officer and he spoke about the processing in creating an advertising spot to help get people’s interest in one of the hottest cars of the year,

“It’s almost appeared as mission impossible at the beginning. It’s not about just emotions this time, it’s about substance. We’re asked… with one commercial, not only to speak about Dodge… but to increase awareness, and also to deliver on the product story.”

It’s being described as a fast-paced ad that will use humor and a hip-hop soundtrack to capture attention. It will have Jay-Z and Kayne West with the song “No Church in the Wild” in the ad. It will also feature a cameo from the quarterback of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady.

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Dodge Dart Begins New Skate Deck Contest

The hype machine for the Dodge Dart is really starting to pick up steam as we inch closer and closer to the biggest car release of the year. Dodge is doing what they can to keep the fires stoked and one way of doing that seems to be to team up with a popular skate boarding magazine to see what some outside the box thinking can do.

Dodge and Transworld Skateboarding have come together and asked for people to design a Dodge Dart inspired theme for a skate deck. There are no real limits, whatever you can imagine and get on a deck, then you’re invited to share it with the world.

The winner of the contest has many things to look forward to. There’s a trip for four to the Transworld Skateboarding skate park in Carlsbad, California. Once there, you get to have a meet-and-greet with the editors of the magazine and two hours of skating with the local pros. You will also get the design you won with silk-screened onto a limited edition skate deck.

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