Dodge Viper Ready to Take Country by Storm Again

The Dodge Dart has been the show stealer of late. All the hype and excitement over the resurrection of the popular brand has certainly hit a boiling point. Not to be lost in all that craze, however, is that Dodge has another phoenix about to rise from the ashes. The Dodge Viper is getting ready to strike again on the US auto market.

The Epoch Times is reporting on what exactly the new Dodge Viper is bringing with it when it comes back from the dead. The rebirth was on full display when shown at the New York Auto Show. It was there that it was announced the Viper would be now under the SRT (Street Racing and Technology) brand.

Ralph Giles, President and CEO of SRT, was very excited about reintroducing the world to the Viper. “After a gut-wrenching period of uncertainty, the Street and Racing Technology brand team is extremely proud that our hand-built in Detroit, flagship supercar is back and ready to take on the performance car world.”

The Viper’s return comes with a new but familiar face. Among the changes being made that the article referenced were the that the designers paid more attention to the aerodynamics, giving an enhanced performance without sacrificing the iconic parts. One of the major changes is the interior with the addition of numerous electronic parts such as touchscreens and voice controls. The Dodge Viper is poised to take the world by storm once again. Now I just have to wonder if this means a remake of the Viper TV series is in the works (fingers crossed).

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Dodge Dart and What Lies Ahead

“All that matters is what’s ahead.”

The tag-line for the 2013 Dodge Dart perfectly sums up Dodge’s attitude towards what is arguably their most important vehicle of 2012, and in a splashy show of support, Dodge has installed a 116-foot-by-145-foot building wrap bearing the tag-line on their headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

The Dart won’t be available until late June, but Dodge has been getting it as much exposure as possible. As we previously reported, Dodge marketing has heavily targeted young people and positioned it to be the hot sedan of 2012. As June gets closer and the reviews keep rolling in, though, it is becoming clearer that this car is more important for Dodge than anyone could have imagined.

The Dodge Dart will be the first vehicle that Chrysler will have designed alongside Fiat SpA. People will take the launch of the Dodge Dart and how well it performs as an indicator of the future of Chrysler, and so far, all signs are pointing to a bright future. Business Insider is calling the Dart “a delightful surprise,” and Auto Guide named it “most attractive vehicle in its class.” By hanging that building wrap on the Dodge headquarters, Chrysler is making a statement. More than just standing behind the Dart, they trust it to be the face of the brand in 2012.

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Dodge Dart: Hot New Sedan of the Year!

The Dodge Dart has been the car on everyone’s lips of late. Now that its finally starting to roll off of the assembly line, everyone is wondering if it was a good idea to resurrect the old name. There’s been so much hype poured into the new Dart that many are also wondering if it can live up to it. In about a month, the new sedan will start entering into the market and give it the chance to shine on its own. Luckily, the Chronicle Herald is hopping to boost up people’s expectations with a wonderful review. So much so, they believe that out of the 23 new cars in the category that the Dart will be the one people talk about.

Sitting down for a 2 hour test drive, the reviewer came away quite impressed. “I hadn’t driven a fairly basic version of the new Dart more than 100 metres before realizing this new car will be a player.” He continued to take note of the many innovations that the car is making including the body wider than its template, the Giulietta, to allow for a class leading interior space while still keeping the price down. Another feature he made sure to make note of was the gas efficiency of the Dart. One of the engine options, out of the three at release, has 60 miles per gallon.

It’s very clear from reading the article that the reviewer come out extremely impressed by what the Dart had to offer. It won on all counts from pricing, to exterior design, and even gas efficiency. It’s one to definitely keep driver’s eyes on. Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens when it finally hits the dealerships.

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